3 Things to Do if You’re Stopped for DUI in Georgia

When you’ve had a drink or two and you see those blue lights flashing behind you, it’s important to carefully consider your next steps. Being pulled over on suspicion of DUI is a nerve-wracking experience, but keeping your composure will keep you ahead of the game. Here, you’ll learn what to do if you’re stopped for DUI, and you will also learn how a DUI lawyer like Donald Beskin PC can help you get through the case as smoothly as possible.

Gather Your Papers

It’s always a good idea to have your license and proof of insurance in an easily accessible spot. If you’re slow to produce these items, or if you fumble in finding them, the investigating officer might use it as evidence of your intoxication. While you shouldn’t plan for a DUI stop, it’s important to think ahead and ensure that your papers are in order.

Be Polite

With any type of traffic stop, especially a DUI, politeness goes a long way. Police officers have tough jobs, and as such, they should be respected. You may be recorded, and an inappropriate statement may come back to haunt you later. Don’t curse at or make demands of an officer, and be sure to remain cooperative. While it won’t get you out of trouble completely, it will make the experience smoother until your DUI attorney arrives.

Be Wary of Chemical Tests

If you’ve had any amount of alcohol, you should think twice before submitting to chemical testing, especially if:

  • You’re licensed in another state
  • You’re under 21
  • You have a commercial license
  • You’ve caused an accident with serious injuries or fatalities

Most officers in Georgia do not request chemical urine or blood testing unless the driver needs treatment or drug use is suspected. If you’ve had too much to drink, a DUI lawyer would recommend refusing the test. This requires the officer to prove your impairment, which is difficult. While the officer doesn’t have to stop the booking or arrest process to let you call a DUI attorney, your request should be put on the record right away. Call Donald Beskin PC as soon as possible.