Expungement: Myths And Facts

Myth: All First-Time Offenses Will Be Expunged

Fact: Many people think if they are convicted of a crime for the first time, then it will automatically be expunged. However, there are some crimes that will never be expunged. Even if you have only committed one crime, there is a possibility that it will stay on your record forever.

Expungement rules can vary from state to state. However, in most cases, if a person is convicted of a violent felony, then they will not be able to get their record expunged. Some states will not allow you to get a violent misdemeanor expunged from your record.

Myth: Your Record Will Automatically Be Expunged After A Certain Amount of Time

Fact: You should not assume your record will automatically be expunged after a certain amount of time has passed. Even if you were found innocent, it may still stay on your record. You have to prepare a petition, which is a document for expungement. You will have to do this regardless of the state that you live in.

Myth: An Expungement Will Clear Your Record

Fact: In most cases, an expungement will wipe the charge from all of the databases. This means that if an employer or landlord looks up your record, then they will not be able to see the charge. However, an expungement may not completely clear your record.

The public is one of the factors that is considered if your record will be available. If you work in the government sector, then there is a possibility that your employer will still be able to see the charge.

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